Labeling Confederates as Traitors

(Brace yourself, this weeks article has a lot to it). Several weeks ago I sent a letter to the editor of Tampa Bay Newspapers explaining some of the history and

Who Was Robert E. Lee?

I originally sent this to my local newspaper, but for whatever reason they decided not to published it. With recent protests and much more, I’d like to simply cover who

Obama Didn’t Work

What do I mean by “Obama Didn’t Work?” Am I talking about his work ethic, his policies or his health? Actually, none of the above. While Barack Obama completely transformed

Online Reboot

For the past couple months I’ve been coming up with ideas for what I’m calling a “reboot” of my social media. As many of you might know I have quite

American Culture vs Worldly Culture

While just casually looking through Twitter I realized something, which is the marking for any great blog post. Our election showed that conservatives, or at least Republicans, still have a