Holes in Gun Control

  (If you’d like a much simpler article where I discuss the problems we face with mass killings please click here. This article is to discuss the right to bear

Don’t mess with Texas

Yesterday there was a mass shooting in a small Texas town of Sutherland Springs. A man, reportedly named Devin Patrick Kelley, opened fire in a church killing 26 (some report

Neither White Nor Black

Most people don’t want to admit it, but socially we’re back in the 1960s. This time I believe the causes have been switched. Where because of discrimination within Black Lives

Commies Aren’t Cool (Part 2)

Back when Fidel Castro died after a lifetime of dictating, murdering and spreading marxism as far as he could, I wrote an article condemning politicians and celebrities honoring him as

Labeling Confederates as Traitors

(Brace yourself, this weeks article has a lot to it). Several weeks ago I sent a letter to the editor of Tampa Bay Newspapers explaining some of the history and